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Contact us about your Australian holiday travel needs and get a FREE price comparison on Australian Sleepervan hire, Australian Campervan hire, Australian Motorhome hire and Australian Bushcamper hire. Choose the rental vehicle that best suits your needs. It's that easy!

motorhomes australiaGetabout OZ is your one-stop-shop for rental of all types of leisure vehicles - campervans, mobile homes, motorhomes, 4wd (4x4), campers, cars, station wagons, people movers, RVs, etc.

As an independent vehicle rental broker, we can use our size and expertise to source you the best vehicle to suit your needs - at the right price. We are able to offer an extensive range of motorhomes in Australia and New Zealand and campervans designed for comfort, and to suit your specific requirements.

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We have access to the biggest range of vehicles to hire in Australia and New Zealand because we supply from the major vehicle rental organisations. Check our specials on our new website for great savings by planning ahead.

All major airports and cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Hobart), and most major tourist locations (Broome, Canberra, Cairns, Townsville, Alice Springs, etc) are serviced by our alliance partners to ensure you get the most out of your motorhome travel in Australia. Please contact us for more information. Rates and availability on all vehicles are current only at the time of quotation.

We also offer Special Rates on long-term motorhome rentals, and you can save even more by booking in advance.

Below are general characteristics and features of some of the premium rental motorhomes we have on offer.

Features to look for:

  • high fixed roof
  • shower, toilet
  • microwave, gas stove
  • fridge
  • pressurised hot and cold water
  • economical diesel engine

Britz Elite MotorhomeTourer Motorhomes - 2 people

The Tourer Motorhome is ideal for two people who want to travel in comfort and style. With a manual transmission & an economical diesel engine, these spacious Mercedes or Fiat (usually) vehicles come with a wardrobe, microwave, gas stove, toilet and shower, plus pressurised hot and cold water.

Living equipment should include linen, towels, crockery, and more. The air-conditioned driver's cabin and living area make for a relaxing journey, & camping chairs should be provided to make it easier to stop by the side of the road and relax along the way.

The roomy dining area converts into a large double bed, so you can wake up every morning refreshed & ready for adventure.

Features to look for:

  • microwave, gas stove
  • fridge
  • shower, toilet
  • air-conditioned living area & cabin
  • pressurised hot and cold water
  • economical diesel engine

Britz motorhomes Britz campervansMid-sized Motorhome - up to 4 people

This Mid-sized motorhome is ideal for 4 people who want all the comforts of a motorhome in a more compact vehicle for travel in Australia.

You won't lack for creature comforts though, with the living area usually equipped with cockery, linen, towels, pillows, and more, air-conditioned driver's cabin and living area, pressurised hot & cold water, shower and toilet - plus the fridge, gas stove and microwave ensure that culinary delights needn't be sacrificed either.

Sleeping accommodation is usually two double beds - one permanent, over the drivers cabin, and one which converts from the dining area - offer luxury even in your sleep!

Features to look for:
  • microwave, gas stove
  • fridge
  • air-conditioned
  • pressurised hot and cold water
  • plenty of storage space
  • shower, toilet
  • automatic transmission

Britz 4 and 6 berth MotorhomesBig Family Motorhomes

Spacious and comfortable, these Motorhomes are ideal touring vehicle for up to four adults and two children who want to see the country at their own pace.

Its automatic transmission makes driving easy, and the diesel engine makes it economical too. It has a gas stove, microwave and fridge, as well as plenty of storage space, camping chairs, and living equipment - cutlery, linen, towels, and more.

The toilet, hot and cold pressurised water in the shower and air-conditioning add to the comforts.

One permanent double bed has plus one that converts from the dining area and two fold down single beds allow everyone to sleep in a very comfortable bed at day's end.

Features to look for:
  • microwave, gas stove
  • fridge
  • air-conditioned
  • automatic transmission
  • pressurised hot and cold water
  • plenty of storage space
  • shower, toilet
  • TV and video
  • mountain bikes

6 berth motorhomes australiaThe Even Bigger Family motorhome

The ultimate automatic-tranmission 'home on wheels', the full-sized Motorhomes can house up to six adults in comfort. There's even an area at the rear of the vehicle which converts into two single bunk beds and can be closed off for privacy.

Two other double beds ensure a comfortable night's sleep for everyone on board. There is room to take camping chairs, two mountain bikes, a TV and video, and plenty of storage space to fill with your own recreational equipment, the days are sure to be filled with enough fun to make everyone sleep like a log.

Of course, all the comforts of home are also on-board: air-conditioning, a gas stove, microwave, fridge, toilet and shower, with pressurised hot and cold water.

Budget Motorhomes and Campers in Australia

Contact us about our wide range of budget campers and motorhomes in Australia and NZ from several suppliers. Budget Campers are low cost campervans ideal for a couple touring on a budget or backpackers seeking adventure - and don't mind being having a little less space. Big benefit - these are economical to run.

Because we deal with the top providers, we are able to pass on to you any Special rates available.



PLEASE NOTE: Vehicle specifications change from time-to-time and not all those vehicle pictured above will be avaiable at all times.
Please ensure you check which features are included at the time of booking as availability will vary with demand. To have the best chance of getting exactly what you want, please book early to avoid disappointment.


Some more information about campervans and motorhomes ...

Why not consider ...

Travelling Australia on a budget, 2 Berth & 3 Berth Sleepervans (if you are really good friends) are the most economical way to go. Sleepervans have a flat roof and basic cooking facilities, some vehicles are fitted with roof racks for Surfboards, Bikes and stuff. Some vehicle has a 12v fridge, others only have an ice box.

Sleepervan - compact, economical and heaps of fun
low cost campervan equipment in the back
fold-out bed in camper

The Jucy Choppa - Seats and sleeps 4, with roof top tent, price range is generally higher than the standard Sleepervan, East Coast Australia pick up only.
Jucy - for juicy campers

The Spacehip - Seats 4, sleeps 2, plus 2 in a tent. Great value, East Coast pick up only
mini-van camper the Spaceship camper

2/3 Berth Campervans
The 2 and 3 Berth Campervan is a step up from the Sleepervan if you want to travel Australia in reasonable comfort, with fridge, internal kitchen, high top campervan or pop top campervan sleeps 2-3 persons. The Pop-Top is more economical as it has less wind resistance, although not too many of these models still available in OZ.

Economy Backpacker
Nomad Hi-Top Campervan, Cheapa Hi-Top Campervan available Australia Wide, one way rentals available, minimum rental periods apply.

Great Value Inclusive Rates, Camperman Jesse, Camperman Jade, Camperman Juliette, available East Coast pick up only, 10 days minimum rental period.
Budget economy backpacker campervan. Camping on the move.

4/5 Seater Hi-Top Campervan
Great Value Family Campervans for 2 adults, 2 children or 4 adults with tent included. Fitted with anchor points to secure child seats behind the driver, passenger seats. Internal kitchen, Air Conditioning in the front cabin whilst driving only. Some fitted with an awning at the side.
4 seat campervan. sleeps 2 inside and 2 in tent. Great for family or 4 friendly adults��������� campervan with kitchen equipment

Economy 4 Berth Micro Motorhome
For those who want Shower/Toilet facilities, great for 2 persons travelling. Usually have Front/Rear Air Conditioning, not a walk thru vehicle.
Great value for 4 persons who want Shower/Toilet facilities on a budget.
Good touring on a budget but with shower/toilet - 4 berth motorhome

2 Berth Shower/Toilet Campervan
Very popular vehicle in Australia, with Front/Rear Air Conditioning, Shower/Toilet facilities, some with TV/DVD, Microwave, double bed drops down and converts to a double bed. Easy to drive, good fuel consumption.
2 Berth Shower and Toilet Campervan

4 Berth Motorhome
For those who like comfort and space and 2 double beds, Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning, usually with shower/toilet, TV/DVD, Microwave. Luxury for 2 persons travelling, great for 4 adults, or 2 adults and 2 children. Wide variety of models throughout Australia and Tasmania.
4 berth motorhome. Usually with shower and toilet - ask for details.

6 Berth Motorhome
For 2 travellers who really like to treat themselves, 3 double beds, Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning, usually with TV/DVD, Microwave. Sleeps 2-6 persons in comfort. Wide Variety of models available throughout Australia and Tasmania.
6 berth motorhome. Usually with shower and toilet - ask for details.

2 berth 4wd Bushcamper
The Pop-Top Campa for 2 adventurers is great for an Australian offroad experience. Some models fitted with a side awning, outdoor gas cooker, solar shower, some have reverse cycle air conditioning . Easy pop up roof and great fuel economy. Vehicles include an Outback Safety Kit.
2 berth 4wd 4x4 pop-top bush camper

4wd 2/3 Berth Hi-Top Bushcamper
The Bushcamper has a turbo diesel engine, plenty of power for those tricky bits, great for 2 adults, tight for 3 adults travelling in the front as the gear stick is right between the legs of the passenger in the middle. Sleeps 3 persons. Australian Legislation does not permit Children under the age of 8 yrs to travel in the front of this vehicle. Available Australia Wide. Vehicles include an Outback Safety Kit.
4wd hi-top bush camper. 4x4 campervan

Roof Top Bush Camper
Great for a family of 4 or 4 adults travelling, those who prefer the idea of the outback experience, providing they can sleep up off the ground under the great Australian sky. Very popular with overseas travellers looking for 4x4 safety and convenience, these vehicles book out months in advance, advance bookings a necessity. Vehicles include an Outback Safety Kit.
4wd roof-top camper. Tents on roof for safety and privacy.��������� 4wd camper rental for outback australian touring - Toyota Landcruiser Wagon or Nissan Patrol

4wd Vehicle with Camping Equipment.
Another great way to experience the Great Australian Outback, for 2-5 persons travelling. The 4wd, usually a Toyota Landcruiser Wagon or Nissan Patrol is equipped with Ground Tents, Stretchers, Ground Mats and Bedding. Comfortable for children travelling. Vehicles include an Outback Safety Kit. Demand is high on these vehicles during the Dry Season beginning July 1st, in Outback Australia.
4wd camper rental for outback australian touring - Toyota Landcruiser Wagon or Nissan Patrol

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Motorhome Hire In Australia

The vastness of Australia means that motor home hire is the ideal way to view the country. From the comfort of a home that is mobile visitors really can start to appreciate all that this great country has to offer. From the inland deserts to the coasts there are good roads which make motor home hire a pleasure. Motor home hire is readily available in all major towns and cities in Australia. Motorhome rental is as widely used in Sydney as it is in Perth. All Australian states provide motorhome rental with top quality vehicles suited for the great outdoors.

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Touring Tasmania In A Motorhome

When on an Australian holiday in Tasmania, hiring a motorhome means the opportunity to explore at leisure.

There is no timetable to stick to and no meals to rush back to. Instead, there is the freedom to stop at will and enjoy everything that motorhome hire Tasmania style has to offer. This island, off the south coast of Australia, really is a perfect self drive destination for your Tasmanian motorhome hire. Home to the Tasmanian Devil, the island is a World Heritage Wilderness. Adventure, luxury, heritage and culture converge in Tasmania. Coastal scenery and inland mountains are never far from one another on this spectacular island where 40 percent of the countryside is protected as reserves and national parks.

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Brisbane By Motorhome

Motorhome hire is the perfect way to tour Australia. When thinking of motorhome hire Brisbane should be the first choice for visitors to Queensland. A motorhome means freedom to explore the great outdoors. The state of Queensland stands for sunshine and fabulous beaches but it is more than that. The countryside, or bush, is green and lush inland with fabulous vistas and interesting small towns. The vastness of Australia can really be appreciated from the comfort of a motorhome and in Queensland tourists can almost be sure of sunshine whatever the time of year. Driving in Australia is on the left and the straight, wide roads make driving a pleasure.

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Travelling From Perth In A Motorhome Hire

Situated on the beautiful west coast, Perth is a destination in and of itself with plenty of interesting things to see and do within the city. Also acting as a gateway to the wonder of Western Australia, when organising motorhome hire Perth is an ideal place to begin your journey.

From here you can visit the unique horizontal waterfalls of Talbot Bay which are created by massive tidal movements in the Buccaneer Archipelago. Karijini National Park is spectacular and, if travelling between March and April, be sure to head to Broome and witness the natural wonder that is the staircase to the moon. So hire a motorhome in Perth and experience this wonderful place. 

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Key Destinations Near Melbourne

For those planning a travelling holiday and looking to organise motorhome hire Melbourne is an excellent place to start your journey. Smack in the middle of a number of unique cities you can visit Sydney, Geelong, Hobart and Canberra for just a short drive.

The rest of Victoria is also at your doorstep so whether you are looking for cosmopolitan city activities or rugged outdoor fun you are sure to find something to suit. For the more outdoorsy, Port Phillip Bay offers some of the best fishing in the area while the Yarra Valley and Healsville are a beautiful display of the state's wine country with plenty of pubs or cellar doors to suit your inclination.

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Things To Do From Sydney In A Motorhome

If you are planning to explore Australia organising a motorhome hire in Sydney is an ideal starting point for your holiday. The city itself offers a wide range of activities covering all interests and can act as a gateway to a number of interesting sites and other major cities such as Canberra and Melbourne.

Here you can enjoy world-class shopping, five star eateries, unique harbour tours, beautiful beaches and stunning museum exhibits, all while planning what's next. There are a number of interesting cities within a short drive or head away from the bustle and visit areas like Kiama, Jervis Bay and the Blue Mountains.

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Top 5 Destinations In A Motorhome Rental

Motorhome rental is the most flexible way to explore Australia, allowing you to visit as many of the country's amazing sites as you wish. Choose from a number of easily followed itineraries or simply organise your motorhome rental, pick it up and head off on a true adventure, planning as you go.

Must-sees for many travellers include The Great Barrier Reef, Alice Springs, Townsville, Darwin and at least one of the major cities, many motorhome hirers start in Sydney. Enjoy your motorhome rental and remember that it allows you the freedom to pick and choose your starting and end points: where you go in between is entirely up to you with your camper van rental.

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